Huron Consulting to Acquire Studer Group

Huron Consulting Group announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Studer Group, a premier professional services firm that assists healthcare providers achieve cultural transformation to deliver and sustain exceptional improvement in clinical outcomes and financial results.

The acquisition will combine Huron Healthcare’s performance improvement and clinical transformation capabilities with Studer Group’s Evidence-Based LeadershipSM framework to provide unparalleled leadership and cultural transformation expertise for healthcare provider clients.

The healthcare industry is facing immense pressure to enhance the quality of clinical outcomes and reduce the cost of providing patient care, said James H. Roth, chief executive officer and president, Huron Consulting Group. Studer Group is the market leader in driving cultural transformation to help hospitals improve performance. The combination of Huron and Studer Group will create the premier professional services firm focused on improving healthcare providers’ clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.

Our experience working with hospitals and health systems indicates that the key to success is combining a deep focus on operational excellence while optimizing human potential to provide the leadership needed for transformation, said Gordon Mountford, executive vice president, Huron Healthcare. Healthcare providers have invested deeply in technology and analytics, and their leadership teams are now focused on implementing the human side of change. The combination of Huron Healthcare and Studer Group will help our clients navigate all aspects of the transformation process, resulting in improved clinical outcomes and enhanced efficiency.

Quint Studer, founder, Studer Group, said, Since beginning as individuals in healthcare, then as the Studer Group, our focus has always been to make healthcare a better place for employees to work, physicians to practice medicine, and patients to receive care. We create methods, tools and processes to improve outcomes and build cultures of sustainable high performance. Becoming part of Huron, we will strengthen our foundation and together, Huron and Studer Group will have an even greater impact to improve quality and access while reducing cost.

Huron and Studer Group share a passion to make a difference. Our offerings are complementary in all areas of client service to meet the needs of leadership in the emerging healthcare environment. In combination, Huron and Studer Group will bring to hospital and healthcare organizations the ‘best of the best’ in performance improvement and cultural transformation to truly hardwire excellence, said Barry Graham (BG) Porter, chief executive officer and president, Studer Group.

Studer Group works with hospital executives to achieve, sustain, and accelerate exceptional clinical, operational, and financial results. Based in Pensacola, Florida, Studer Group was founded in 2000 and is the recognized market leader in healthcare cultural transformation. The firm has approximately 235 full-time employees, including more than 70 coaches, with substantial industry experience serving more than 750 partner hospitals. Studer Group partners with clients to establish specific clinical, operational, and financial targets and implements its cultural transformation methodology to help clients meet and exceed those stated targets. To support Studer Group’s methodology and sustain results, it packages proprietary, data-driven technology and leadership development resources, including conferences and publications, to deliver lasting, positive change to its partner organizations.

Together, the combined organization will have more than 1,500 dedicated healthcare professionals working to empower transformation for healthcare providers. The acquisition will also add proprietary, market-leading technology tools that uniquely bolster Huron Healthcare’s core solutions.

Roth said, Huron and Studer Group together are a great strategic fit, and the combination will enhance Huron’s strong reputation in the healthcare market. We expect the acquisition to be accretive to our 2015 financial results, enhance our growth, margins, cash flow, and non-GAAP earnings per share. The strength of our balance sheet provides us with the flexibility to finance the transaction, and the strength of our cash flow will enable us to continue investing in growth opportunities across our businesses. We are excited for the Huron Healthcare and Studer Group teams to join forces, and we feel that we have found a business partner that shares our commitment to improving healthcare.

Under the terms of the acquisition agreement, Huron will purchase Studer Group for $325 million, paid via $323 million in cash and $2 million in Huron common stock. The cash component of the transaction will be financed with cash on hand and borrowings under the Company’s senior secured credit facility. For the twelve months ended September 30, 2014, the combined companies will have pro forma revenues of approximately $904 million and non-GAAP adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA)(1) of approximately $190 million. As of September 30, 2014, the Company’s pro forma leverage, as defined in the Company’s senior secured credit facility, would have been 2.4x net debt to last twelve months adjusted EBITDA. The Company expects the transaction to be accretive to 2015 non-GAAP adjusted diluted earnings per share in a range of $0.47 to $0.52. This non-GAAP adjusted diluted earnings per share estimate cannot be reconciled to GAAP diluted earnings per share because the impact of acquisition related adjustments on earnings, as required by GAAP, cannot be reasonably estimated as the information needed is not currently available.

For reporting purposes, Studer Group will be included in the Huron Healthcare segment, which currently accounts for more than 50% of Huron’s overall revenue. The transaction is expected to close in February 2015, and is subject to clearance under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976 and other customary closing conditions.

Huron Healthcare is the premier provider of performance improvement and clinical transformation solutions for hospitals and health systems. By partnering with clients, Huron delivers solutions that improve quality, increase revenue, reduce expenses, and enhance physician, patient, and employee satisfaction across the healthcare enterprise.

A recipient of the 2010 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Studer Group is an outcomes-based healthcare performance improvement firm that works with healthcare organizations in the United States, Canada, Australia and beyond.

New Year’s Resolution #3: Reduce Debt

If 2014 ended with your finances in a precarious position, then perhaps you have pledged to improve your money situation this year. Since many people dont keep the resolutions they make at the beginning of a year, what can you do to ensure that you realise your 2015 money goals?

Its best to review all the things you want to achieve with your money, and identify two or three objectives that would dramatically improve your finances. Then you need to carry out some small action every day that will further these goals, and you should see positive growth by year end.

An increasing number of people are currently struggling with debt issues which are crippling their ability to manage their money. If you admit that your borrowing has put your financial future in jeopardy, then reducing or eliminating debt must be one of your important plans for this year.

Consider the reasons for debt

Of all the money goals that you can set, decreasing debt is one of the most difficult to accomplish. Borrowing can sometimes be an insidious activity that initially seems to help you pay bills or attain your dreams; but you can quickly become entangled in its clutches, just like a fly in a spiders web.

Many persons take on debt without first determining if borrowing will actually resolve the financial issues they are are facing. For example, borrowing to ease a chronic budget shortfall never works. Although a loan may temporarily fill the gap, eventually the debt only makes your situation worse.

Other people run into debt difficulties because they fail to calculate whether they can really afford the loan payback. While a loan may appear to be the way to acquire your desired car or home, the monthly repayments may reduce your ability to pay other bills and prevent you from saving for the future.

Obtain all the details of your debt

After identifying the root causes of your borrowing, you then need to evaluate the total sum owed, the monthly payments required, the loan interest rates, and the time remaining for payback. If you have several loans, you can download a form on to help you track your debt.

Reviewing your loan situation on one sheet will allow you to create a debt reduction plan. Your aim is to prioritise the loans to pay off quickly so that you can improve your cash flow. The tracker will also help you to be honest about your obligations, instead of ignoring them to your detriment.

Ask your lending agencies if they offer any solutions to mitigate your debt. It may be possible to renegotiate the loan to pay a smaller monthly amount over a longer period. You could also try to consolidate multiple debts into one more affordable loan, to ease the pressure on your budget.

Find drastic ways to pay down debt

Even if you are able to obtain better terms for your loans, your foremost objective is to seek to reduce your debt aggressively this year. This will require making extreme sacrifices, such as selling possessions like your smartphone, or using the collateral holding against the loan to pay it out.

If you really want to make a dent in your indebtedness, then you also have to be willing to do things differently with your spending. Review your budget and radically trim expenses such as cable, entertainment and clothing. Squeeze every dollar that you can find and redirect it into paying debt.

If you are in a negative cash flow crisis, then you need to get creative in sourcing extra money to deal with your obligations. Look for products in demand that you can offer to colleagues, and dig deep within to unearth hidden talents that can be turned into income-generating opportunities.

Stop depending on debt

Ultimately, if you want to be free of debt, you must have a different attitude towards borrowing. For many persons, getting a loan is the first thought whenever a need arises for money. Ask yourself, What would I do if I could not get another loan? Train your mind to think of debt-free alternatives.

You also need to remove the debt access points that might tempt you to fall back into irresponsible borrowing habits. Even if you want to keep your credit card as an emergency back-up source of funds, you could put it in a water-proof container and seal it away it in a block of ice in the freezer.

Your budget is an important tool that will allow you to stay abreast of upcoming costs throughout the year. You need to think ahead of time how you are going to find money to pay your expenses, instead of borrowing money when you become desperate and your options are limited.

Remember that the money that goes towards loan interest costs represents funds that should be used to build your wealth. As you reduce your obligations, start channelling the previous loan payments into savings and investments, so that you can create a more prosperous future.

Cherryl is a money coach, business mentor, and founder of Financially SMART. Services. Her upcoming book, The 3 Ms of Money will reveal all the secrets she learned about financial success. Get more advice on money and business matters at and Email comments to

City National increases lending as economy grows

As a result of the growth in lending, the banks core earnings climbed to $73.9 million in 2014, a 24 percent increase over 2013, the bank said this week. City Nationals net income last year was $43 million, compared with a $63 million loss in 2013, due to a goodwill impairment related to the banks acquisition by Banco de Credito e Inversiones of Chile. Without the non-cash accounting charge, the bank said it would have had a net profit of $37.8 million for 2013.

The banks deposits increased to $4.2 billion at the end of December from $3.7 billion in 2013.

Last year was a pivotal year for City National Bank as we deployed the next phase of our strategic growth plan focused on business lending just as the economy began to gain momentum, bank president and CEO Jorge Gonzalez said in a written statement.

Business owners of all sizes have been seeking to grow and expand as the economy strengthens, and our unique model based on local-decision making and personal relationships continues to be well received by the marketplace, he said.

The banks expects to further expand its lending to businesses in 2015 and will add products, services and bankers, Gonzalez said. In 2014, City National added Small Business Administration loan products.

Last year, Bci, the Chilean bank, received approval by Chilean regulators to acquire City National. City National leaders said in a statement that they expect US regulators to approve the deal this year. or Twitter @donnagehrke

Google and Lending Club Team Up, Online Lenders Gain Steam

Getting small business loans can be difficult, particularly in todays economic climate. But in recent years, some new options have completely changed the way some businesses go after financing. And this week, Google and Lending Club unveiled another option for small businesses seeking capital. Read about this and other small business news from the past week, in our weekly Small Business Trends news and information roundup.

Google and Lending Club Kick Off New Business Loan Program

Google Partners now have a new source from which to get some extra capital. Google and Lending Club have launched a low-interest loan program specifically designed for Google Partners.

Online Lenders Complement Bank Lending to Small Businesses

The recent initial public offerings of the Lending Club and OnDeck Capital, have some observers claiming that online lending platforms will soon replace banks as a major source of small business credit. I disagree. Rather than substituting for bank loans, online lenders are filling a niche, providing capital primarily to small companies that previously had been unable to borrow.

Restaurant Owner Makes Crowdfunding Work For Her

It’s good to dream big. Growing your business, achieving more: these are things every small business owner strives for. But even the best laid plans can hit a snag and get derailed. Restaurant owner Angela Salamanca found herself in this very situation. Salamanca had the dream to expand her Mexican restaurant, Centro.

Qblinks Qmote Finally Makes It With Kickstarter

Success isnt always achieved on the first try. More often the it comes following years of experience and some trial-and-error. Nobody wants to fail, but failure can be an excellent teacher. This is the case with Taiwan based company Qblinks. After several failed attempts to launch products through Kickstarter, Qblinks seems to finally have a winner.

VC amp; Angel Capital
Boxed Raises $25 Million to Sell Wholesale Products Online

The wholesale distributing startup Boxed has just announced a new round of funding that could get bulk goods to small businesses in just a few days. Boxed announced that the $25 million round of funding it just completed will help it expand its operations and hopefully provide 2-day shipping to small businesses and other customers nationwide.

Rounds Raises $12 Million, Allows Video Chat with Up To 12

Move over Skype. Step aside Google Hangouts. And to the likes of Viber, WhatsApp, et al, its time to make room for Rounds. Rounds is a video chat app thats available as both an Android and iOS download. The platform allows for up to 12 people to participate in a live video chat. Even though it launched in 2009, its likely you may not have heard of this app.

Latest Tech
Google Fiber Is Coming To 4 New Metro Areas

Google Fiber might be coming near you. Google has confirmed that Google Fiber, the companys gigabit fiber optic Internet connection, will be coming to four new metro areas. Construction will begin in eighteen cities across Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, and Raleigh-Durham.

Apple Has Revealed Ship Date For Apple Watch

Months after announcing their new wearable tech, Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced the Apple Watch is expected to be shipping in April. This new information was given by Cook during Apple’s latest quarterly conference call with investors. Apple certainly is doing well. The company can’t complain with 74.5 million iPhones sold and a quarterly revenue of $74.6 billion.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Offer Touch-Based Fingerprint Access

Samsung is bringing back fingerprint identification on its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6. The smartphone hasnt been released yet but early indications are that Samsung is going to try again with fingerprint scanning. is reporting that the new Galaxy S6 will use a fingerprint touch ID system.

Dell XPS 13 Could Be Alternative to MacBook

Laptop owners looking for a MacBook Pro at non-MacBook Pro prices may have a new offering from Dell to consider. If youre willing to live without a few high-end pieces of hardware, the new Dell XPS 13 has a striking design and specs that wont leave you hanging at an affordable price.

Adobe FormsCentral Service Retired And Alternatives

Small businesses relying on Adobes FormsCentral to collect information from their customers or employees will have to find an alternative soon. Adobe has decided to scrap FormsCentral. Why? After three years, not enough people were using the service to justify keeping it online.

How Developers Use installCore to Monetize their Free Software

You’ve worked incredibly long and hard to create your software. You’ve kept the company going through the development phase. Finally, your software is ready for prime time and you’re ready to market it. Or maybe you’ve had a finished piece of software for a while, but want to get more financial return from it.

Green Business
Solar Roadways Startup Hopes to Save The World

Ice and snow-covered and pothole-scarred roads are just some of the dangers on the road, especially this time of year. Imagine an end to all that but more. Like, roads that pay for themselves, keep themselves above freezing, and could even power our homes and businesses. Thats a goal of Scott and Julie Brusaw.

YouTube Trends
Walk Off the Earth Band Gets Record Deal from YouTube

The dream of starting a band used to follow the basic formula. Play locally until you develop a following. Then get a manager. Then make a demo and hope someone discovers you and offers you the big break. However, with the introduction of the Internet, people can gain worldwide fame without leaving their homes.

How Smosh Gets 60 Million Visits a Month on YouTube

Smosh began back in 2002 when Anthony Padilla created He says the name came from a friends misunderstanding of the word Mosh pit. Soon after, Padillas close friend, Ian Hecox, joined in. The duo began creating short animations which they uploaded to their website. They also uploaded content to Newgrounds, a popular animation and flash site.

Local Marketing
Phoenix Franchise Businesses: the Biggest Super Bowl Winners?

Super Bowl XLIX is Feb 1, 2015. This years game is being held at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, just outside Phoenix. It features the defending champion Seattle Seahawks against the New England Patriots. The game is the culmination of a long season and billions around the world will be watching.

Strictly Bicycles Offers Much More Than Its Name Suggests

Strictly Bicycles, a brick and mortar shop in Fort Lee, New Jersey, is anything but. The retail outlet has offered customers much more than just bicycles for the past two decades. And that is part of the reason for the companys success. Today the shop, often mistaken for a cafe by passersby, gets an estimated 1,000 customers a day.

5 Tax Incentives to Help You Find and Keep Customers

The NFIB Small Business Economic Trends December 2014 (PDF) shows that business optimism reached the highest level since 2007. And that many business owners expect to expand and anticipate increased revenues. To do this, it goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that you need to retain existing customers and bring in new ones.

Must You Send 1099 Forms to Contractors Paid Via PayPal or Credit Card?

The deadline for mailing 1099-MISC forms to recipients this year is February 2, 2015. Heres a frequent question we get here at Small Business Trends.

Small Biz Spotlight
Spotlight: Mobile Gaming Revolution Creates a New Party Experience

Gaming has become a huge industry over the last few decades. What was once just a simple, innovative console game has blossomed into so many different games, platforms, and businesses. There are even parties dedicated to the activity. Mobile Gaming Revolution is a company that provides mobile gaming parties to customers around the country.

Image: Lending Club


UPDATE 1-Spain’s Caixabank, Popular eye slow lending turnaround

(Recasts with lending outlook, adds Popular)

MADRID Jan 30 (Reuters) – Spains third-biggest lender
Caixabank on Friday said it expected earnings from loans to keep
rising in 2015, helping profits as its soured debts fall,
although it warned the pace of credit growth would remain weak.

Spanish banks have been hoping to ride an economic
turnaround in the country after a deep crisis which sapped
demand for loans. Many households and companies are still
focused on paying back borrowing, however, weighing on banks as
they try to kickstart revenues.

Barcelona-based Caixabank said its net interest income
(NII), a key measure of earnings from loans minus deposit costs,
rose 5 percent in 2014 to 4.155 billion euros ($4.7 billion).
That was in line with forecasts in a Reuters poll and was helped
by falling payouts on deposits.

But its lending fell nearly 5 percent year-on-year, even
though credit growth improved in the fourth quarter of 2014,
echoing trends observed by peers such as Sabadell.

At smaller Banco Popular, which also reported 2014 results
on Friday, lending was down 0.5 percent on the

Popular said it saw signs of growing demand for credit,
though it too warned the Spanish economy still faced headwinds,
including from high unemployment.

Caixabank, which agreed to buy the Spanish retail business
of Britains Barclays last year, said it expected NII
and earnings from fees to grow between 7 and 9 percent in 2015,
even as low interest rates in the euro zone weigh on margins.

The banks net profit rose 96 percent to 620 million euros
($703 million), below the 690.5 million euros expected in a
Reuters poll. Caixabank restated 2013 accounts to reflect
payments to the deposit guarantee fund. Without this change,
2014 profit would only have risen 23 percent.

($1 = 0.8821 euros)

(Reporting by Sarah White and Jesus Aguado,; editing by David

Treasury ‘needs more rigorous assessment process for UK Guarantees’

Under the scheme, the Treasury assumes the risk faced by lenders in return for a fee. It promises to repay lenders in full and on time, regardless of the project’s performance. Once guarantees have been issued they cannot be withdrawn nor can the fee be changed if risks or prices alter.

The National Audit Office said today that, while the scheme can help to progress some significant infrastructure projects, eligibility criteria were not strictly applied and no tests were carried to determine whether a guarantee is strictly necessary.

‘For example, the Treasury supported one £8.8m project (to install energy saving lighting in 150 car parks) that is of a scale that cannot reasonably be described as meeting a nationally significant” test,’ the watchdog noted.

It added that it was not confident that the benchmarks used to measure risk to the taxpayer were sufficiently reliable or complete.

‘The Treasury takes a narrow view that guarantees are value for money if the fee covers the risk,’ said NAO head Amyas Morse.

‘It is good that Treasury has a formal governance process and commercial specialists to help evaluate, manage and set a price for risks to the taxpayer. However, we question whether this approach can measure long-term risks to taxpayers reliably.’

He urged the Treasury to ensure it was ‘rigorous and objective’ in ensuring guarantees are genuinely needed and examining whether projects bring public value.

The UK Guarantees scheme was introduced in 2012 at a time of adverse credit conditions. To date, the Treasury has guaranteed £1.7bn of finance across eight projects and deemed a further 39 projects worth £34bn as eligible for support.

UK Guarantees can support up to £40bn in finance and is set to close in 2016.

Responding to the report, a Treasury spokesman said: ‘The Treasury has full confidence that the projects that receive a UK Guarantee are sound investments, and that the scheme remains an important tool in attracting new finance into key infrastructure projects. All projects receiving a guarantee are rigorously assessed to ensure the taxpayer is protected.’

The Treasury added that projects are put through a ‘very rigorous’ process of due diligence, similar to that applied in the private sector, which can take up to several months. It pointed that, of over 200 inquiries, only 59 have been pre-qualified and only 8 approved for a guarantee.

Service members can sign to save for Military Saves Month

Cpl. Royce Dorman

Maj. Gen. Charles L. Hudson, commanding general of Marine Corps Installations Pacific-Marine Corps Base Camp Butler, Japan, signs the 2015 proclamation for Military Saves Month Jan. 23 at building 1, Camp Foster, Okinawa. The proclamation encourages service members island wide to develop responsible money management habits. Throughout the month, service members are given opportunities to learn about saving money, eliminating debt and taking part in programs like the Thrift Savings Program and the Savings Deposit Program. (US Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Royce Dorman)

CFPB Proposes Safe Student Account Scorecard

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has proposed a new evaluation system for colleges that partner with financial institutions offering debit, prepaid and credit cards to students as a source of revenue. 

The Safe Student Account Scorecard would help colleges avoid partnering with financial institutions that offer checking and prepaid accounts with tricks and traps, according to a news release from the CFPB.

“With American consumers carrying $1.2 trillion in outstanding student debt on their backs and with the cost of college rising, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants to help colleges restore their role as trusted advisers to young people across the country,” said Director Richard Cordray.

The scorecard is designed to help colleges access upfront information about fees, features, and sales tactics before agreeing to a sponsorship, according to the CFPB. It would also help create a level-playing field for all financial institutions that offer affordable products, regardless of their ability to pay bonuses to schools.

“An important issue for young people is how best to manage their money while they are still in school,” Corday said. “Because of the influence schools may have on the financial products students choose, we are working to arm them with the information they need to negotiate safe and affordable products for students.”

The Credit CARD Act of 2009 (CARD Act) restricted financial institutions from using certain types of credit card marketing practices on college campuses and requires that agreements between credit card issuers and colleges be publicly available, according to the CFPB. But marketing partnerships between colleges and banks have shifted over the past five years. Agreements to market student debit and prepaid cards have surpassed the number of agreements to market student credit cards. Forty percent of college students attend schools with agreements to provide debit or prepaid cards. A CFPB analysis of one university system revealed that the school-endorsed financial product received the highest adoption by students receiving financial aid.

Many colleges use a transparent, competitive bidding process to establish their relationships with financial institutions. However, colleges may find it challenging to compare proposals because they lack clear information on specific account features and fees.

Schools could adapt the scorecard to meet their unique needs. The scorecard is designed to solicit information helpful to a school’s selection process and not to establish minimum standards, according to the CFPB.

The bureau is seeking input on its draft Safe Student Account Scorecard until March 16, 2015.

Commercial Real Estate Tech Firm Releases Breakthrough Algorithm For Leasing

TUCSON, Ariz., Jan. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ –Commercial real estate technology firm f9Analytics releases breakthrough algorithm for leasing, a first-of-its kind algorithm made free to the public via API, that creates hyper-efficiencies in solving real world problems in lease finance, providing corporate end-users the capability to solve, structure, and optimize leases in nearly real-time.

Available today, via the App Store and downloadable package for Corporate Servers, the algorithm, by virtue of a cross-platform API, provides corporate end-users a true technological breakthrough in real-world problem solving in lease finance. At its core, the API empowers the end-user with the capability to solve, structure, and optimize leases to hit financial goals. With one financial goal in mind, a corporate end-user can effectively modify every financial term of a lease, and have a solution to their financial goal in seconds.

So what is it that makes the APIs algorithm so valuable to companies that lease commercial property such as REITs, Pension Funds, and Investment Firms? Its simple, the algorithm provides the first-of-its-kind solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem; that is, empowering corporate property owners to instantly bridge the financial gap between two disparate parties (tenant and landlord) in nearly real-time. The hyper-efficiencies borne by the API cannot be discounted: it takes a financial problem that might take a week to identify, and provides a real-world solution in milliseconds. According to its Founder and CEO John J. Cona, what makes this breakthrough technology significant is (1) we have provided a solution that allows companies to negotiate profitable financial terms in nearly real-time; (2) we have provided a solution that allows companies to target and optimize leases that hit financial goals; and (3) we have increased the efficiency and thereby speed at which leases can be transacted.

This algorithm is made free to the public for companies to use via the F9Analytics cross-platform API. The cross-platform API can be accessed mobile, through the App Store, or direct through a companys Corporate Server via the downloadable installation package for Corporate Servers on the F9Analytics site.

For further information, please visit F9analytics, the App Store, or contact (800) 851-3572 to learn more about F9Analytics corporate services.

F9Analytics was founded to deliver superior technology centric financial solutions to the commercial real estate industry. F9Analytics, through its direct and corporate enterprise cloud services, provides companies, property investors, and property service firms exceptional cloud technologies to simplify the complexity of property finance. Whether you are a Property Services Firm, an Institutional Investor, or a Small or Large Company that leases space, we build the intelligent tools so you can lease smarter.

Photo –

SOURCE F9Analytics


Citizens Union Bank taps commercial lending banker as Louisville market …

Shelbyville-based Citizens Union Bank has named a new market president to expand the banks efforts in the Louisville region.

Debbie Prewitt, who is the senior vice president of commercial lending for the bank, now also will serve as the market president for Jefferson, Oldham and Bullitt counties, according to a news release.

With 14 locations, Citizens Union Bank serves Shelby, Jefferson, Oldham, Bullitt, Spencer, Larue and Hardin counties.

In her new position, Prewitt will develop a market strategy for the Louisville area, the release said. She has been with the banks commercial lending group since 2008 and has more than 25 years of experience as a community banker in Louisville.

“Jefferson, Oldham and Bullitt counties are all very important markets for us, said David Bowling, the banks CEO, in the release. And Debbies leadership will bring an energy and focus that will allow us (to) serve our banking partners in these areas more efficiently and effectively.

Prewitt is currently enrolled at the Stonier Graduate School of Banking at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton. She is completing graduate coursework and will use her research to develop a strategy for the Louisville market, the news release said.

Rachel Aretakis covers technology, media and entrepreneurism, and she coordinates Louisville Business Firsts social media.